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What Should I Be Expecting During the Installation of My Hardwood Flooring?

Have you ordered brand new hardwood flooring for your home? There is nothing like the elegant appearance of a newly installed hardwood floor, but if you have never had such a flooring option installed before, how do you know what you should be expecting?

Don’t worry, your installers will handle the majority of the work for you. All you need to do for the most part is sit back and let your hardwood floor in baton rouge la professionals handle the installation for you. Still, if you want some peace of mind, you can keep some of the following tips in the back of your mind for when your hardwood installers show up to begin working on installation.

hardwood floor in baton rouge la

Get Ready For the Tearing Out of Your Old Flooring

When having a new floor installed, one of the first things that will have to happen will be the removal and disposal of your old floor. You will want to make sure anything important is out of the way during this time, as there will be destruction of tiles and the rest of the old floor going on.

Prepping For the Hardwood Installation

Up next is prepping to install the actual hardwood flooring. The team will go over the room, look over the substrate, take measurements, and anything else necessary for them to clarify information before beginning the installation process.

The Installation Begins!

After the prep work is done, the installation of your floor can finally start. The team will normally work in sections, breaking up the installation among several different rooms or sections of a room. You will also need to get in touch with a plumber to reinstall water and gas lines during this time. Once this is all done, you will finally be able to begin cleaning up after installation is complete.

You’re All Done

Once the installation is over and you have finished cleaning up, all that is left for you to do is admire your brand new hardwood floor. Installation can be quite the process, but once it is all done, you will finally have an elegant and luxurious flooring option that should last you for the rest of your lifetime.