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Is Your New Home Move-In Ready? Check Out this Short Checklist.

Congratulations on moving to a new home! It’s an exciting time in your life, especially if you are moving with a loved one. However, there’s still a lot to work on and look out for when it comes to your new home being move-in ready. For instance, electrical repairs in Savannah GA could be in your future if rodents have had their way with your new home’s wires. Or water damage to hardwood floors could cost a pretty penny.

electrical repairs in Savannah GA

To ensure your new home is move-in ready, here’s a small checklist that you can use as a guide for getting things done before you make the move.

Hire Professionals to Check Electrical, Plumbing Work, and Heating and Cooling Systems

Power, heating and cooling systems, showers, and the toilet are the base of what you need in your home. Professionals can tell you the longevity of everything in your house and how much you can expect to pay when something gives out. With luck, your home will be cleared of all problems for at least a decade after moving in.

Are the Roof and Floors Sturdy, Reliable, and in Good Shape?

The roof and floors are your foundation. You’ll need these to be in top-tier shape before you move in anywhere. Professionals will, again, be able to tell you how long you have on your roof and floors with proper care. You should continue to have your foundation elements checked on annually after the move.

Where Will You Get Your Water?

You have two options for water – city or well. While city water needs to be approved and turned on by the city, well water needs to be checked for contaminants before you can drink it.

Sure, these three things might seem small, but in the grand scheme of moving houses, one missed detail could mean expensive renovations. Make sure you check and double-check every aspect of your new home before you deem it move-in ready.